Large scale cryptocurrency mining services


Large scale cryptocurrency mining

KryptoVault is a Norwegian company that specializes in large scale cryptocurrency mining. Our services consists of providing, installing, hosting, and maintaining hardware designed for this purpose. Clients with their own mining equipment are welcome to reserve space and power at our upcoming facilities. KryptoVault facilities are powered with green and clean Norwegian energy sources from hydro-, and wind-powered turbines.


Upcoming facilities

Site one



Stavanger area. 15 megawatts of capacity in a new building with 3000 square meters of room, specifically built for the purpose of hosting our first major mining operation. Ready January-February 2018.


Site two



Hordaland area. Up to 260 megawatts of capacity to host our first major expansion. 20 000 square meters of hosting space. 10 megawatts ready February 2018.


The KryptoVault crew

We have IT-engineers, security specialists, and analysts with broad knowledge, and in-depth experience running a secure and efficient mining-operation. 


Rein-Owe Flister
Chief Executive Officer

Kjetil Hove Pettersen
Chief Operations Officer & Chairman of the board

Tom Stian Harestad
Chief Technical Officer

Morten Simensen
Operations Manager



For inquiries related to large scale hosting, or large batch orders of 100+ units, please fill out the contact form. 

Any inquiries regarding individual pricing or hosting in general, please contact our sales team: / +47 23653060

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